An Easy Guide to Watching Pay-Per-View (PPV) on FireStick

Earlier, people used to pay for a particular cable package to enjoy all sorts of content – sports, entertainment, news, kids’ channels, etc. Times have changed, and so are the watching habits.

People can now just pay for the channels they want to watch. This concept is known as Pay-Per-View (PPV). Although it has been around for years, it is being accepted widely today – thanks to the introduction of high-profile events in the sports and entertainment industries.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) on FireStick

You can enjoy PPV on FireStick and other leading platforms like Android TV, Roku, and Apple TV. Mind sticking till the end?

How to Watch PPV on FireStick or Fire TV

You don’t necessarily need a cable provider to watch your favorite PPV events. By simply installing the relevant apps, you can watch PPV on FireStick. First, you need to ensure that the relevant apps are available on the Amazon Store. Then, visit the company’s official website and purchase the PPV event.

Did we mention that you would require a stable internet connection? Get in touch with your internet service provider and fix your internet connection if you think it isn’t stable.

Here’s a list of PPV apps compatible with FireStick.


Love PPV events? SHOWTIME has plenty of them. Some of the top-notch PPV events that will leave you breathless include Davis vs. Cruz, Paul vs. Woodley, etc. 

You can enjoy other high-profile SHOWTIME shows like Dexter, Billions, Suits, Vice, The Affair, Shameless, and more. While the standard subscription package starts at $10.99 per month, you will find the PPV events pretty pricey, somewhere between $59.99 and $74.99.

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To watch the PPV events on SHOWTIME, you need to install the SHOWTIME app on FireStick. To install the SHOWTIME app on FireStick –

  • Access the home screen of your FireStick device.
  • Click Find > Search.
  • Type SHOWTIME and install the app when it appears on the screen.
  • You will now be able to access the PPV event if you purchase the PPV fight on SHOWTIME.


If you love watching AEW PPV events, FITE TV is your go-to choice. FITE TV has outstanding PPV events, including Paul vs. Woodley 2 for US audiences.

If you live in the UK and Canada, you can still enjoy the big fights. The FITE TV app is available on the FireStick device. After installing the app, you can purchase the fight right on the device.


This Disney Media-owned OTT subscription video streaming service is home to many PPV events that you can stream on your FireStick device. You must get the Disney+ app on your FireStick to enjoy PPV events throughout the year.


DAZN is a global OTT sports subscription streaming service offering on-demand and live streaming of events, including original programming. In addition, DAZN broadcasts fight events that you can enjoy within the standard monthly package.

Since DAZN is known for reserving PPV events, you may have to purchase them separately to enjoy them on your FireStick. You can install the DAZN app from the Amazon Store for free. You may resort to a good VPN service if you try to access PPV on FireStick outside of the United States.

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There’s no denying that the concept of Pay-Per-View is heading uphill – owing to the incessant influx of high-profile events coming to the ring. So if you are a big fan – you must look for the relevant apps to enjoy PPV on FireStick. 

Apart from the above official apps, you can get third-party applications to enjoy PPV events. However, you must consider using a well-known VPN service to access those third-party apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch PPV on FireStick?

If you admire boxing matches, classic fights, daily boxing shows, live fight nights, documentaries, and more such events, you can watch PPV on FireStick by downloading the official apps.

Which VPN service is ideal for streaming PPV events outside of the US?

NordVPN adorns the thought in the first place. You may choose other virtual private networks like ExpressVPN, etc.

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